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Watch for information on Hertz's new Oracle Supplier Portal to be posted February 1st

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The Procurement Organization has made important process updates that impact the way in which we engage and manage your as our important supply base. We’ve formalized a Supplier Management Program, which over the next several months will improve our engagement procurement processes, beginning with the way in which Hertz will evaluate and setup our suppliers. It’s critically important that Hertz properly contract and evaluate each supplier that it conducts business with. This ensures that Hertz can continue to deliver the highest service to our customers while protecting our assets, people and reputation, we recently evaluated the collection and maintenance of supplier business documents necessary during our supplier setup, which include but are not limited to Certificate of Insurance (COI) and W-9.

Hertz has contracted Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS), a global industry leader in supplier risk management to establish a comprehensive risk assessment program. The Program is designed to streamline the collection, management and annual certification of Certificate of Insurance (COI) documents and collect key information regarding business operations status of our suppliers, vendors, and service providers.

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Suppliers are recognized as an important extension of our team. We activily seek out suppliers who provide innovative products, services and technology, innovative approaches aggressive pricing, and exemplify ethical behavior. We look for suppliers who understand our values, culture, and expectations. We partner with suppliers who understand our business and who look for ways to add value. These suppliers know the importance of delivering the highest quality goods and services.

New suppliers can be considered during a competitive process, a truly disruptive innovation offering, or brought to our attention through alternative channels. Hertz policy requires that new suppliers engage with the company through the Procurement Organization. We ask all suppliers to respect this policy.

We are thankful for our suppliers for the products and services they provide to our organization. If you are a current supplier, you can learn more below about access to facilities, getting paid, and what we are sourcing.

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Expectations for our prospective suppliers include:

  • Demonstrate best practices and identify high quality, lowest appropriate cost, solutions.
  • Hertz proactively reviews the market for suppliers who provide products, services and technology.

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